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Your First Step of Faith

We get it.

We get it. You grew up in a home or attended a church in your younger years that was not helpful. You were burned, let down, or burned out. Maybe you just couldn’t (or didn’t want to) live up to their rules or expectations. You made some mistakes and getting over it meant walking away from the whole thing. It was the best move you felt you had.

Is this you?

Or maybe you didn’t grow up in church at all— but your impression of Christians and your personal influences tell you that faith in Christ is irrelevant to your life. You’ve figured out how to do life just fine without Christ in the middle of it, so why go and kill all of the fun now, right?

It’s not about being “good” — but it is about changing.

Being a “Good Christian” is not mentioned in the Bible.
Not even once. Thank God. However, following and trusting Jesus Christ is clearly mentioned. Becoming a Christian is not about what you do or don’t do. It’s about discovering who Jesus really is for you. And recognizing that you need Him.

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