What is "NEXT"? - A college ministry in Texarkana desperately seeking Jesus

Family Atmosphere

We credit all that we are to Christ, and we believe that Christ did it right when it came to creating a family mentality. 

Whether you are joining us during a Wednesday night lesson at 7:30, joining one of our Iron groups (small groups), having a blast during one of our game nights, or simply hanging out with a few of us, you will hopefully see that creating a genuine family environment that begins with Christ is the heartbeat behind this young adults ministry.


Biblical Teaching

Everything spoken and done in NEXT is prayed over, scripturally sound, and Christ-centered. We believe that Jesus is the one true Savior. 

With that being said, love is not contingent upon agreements and/or opinions. That is why in NEXT we are an open place for anyone of any faith or belief system. We welcome discussion and an engaging environment. We can disagree, but why does that have to mean we can't love and befriend people? That's right...it doesn't.

Engaging Events

We love to have a good time! Come to one of our game nights, movie nights, hammock parties, weenie roasts, coffee stops, or a holiday event throughout the year. Relationships usually start in the simple moments. Let's just live life together and see what happens.

Want to get involved? Volunteer sign up below!

Vision Team

Vision Team

Vision Team

This is our creative team. Your vision for NEXT is so important! Your ideas and projects will be the face of who we are. 


You may have a part in: Planning events, creating visuals for our campaigns, shooting videos, taking pictures for/during events and hangouts, creating t-shirt & merch designs, and lastly running our social media accounts.

Engage Team

Vision Team

Vision Team

You are the backbone behind Wednesday nights going smoothly for everyone! You set the atmosphere through your preparations of the NEXT room, and through your smiles and greetings to others.

You may take part in:  Sweeping, mopping once a month, dusting furniture, making coffee and stocking refreshments and supplies. Greeting and getting to know new faces is also important!

Event Team

Prayer Team

Prayer Team

Where the vision team leaves off, you step in! You are the boots on the ground, and without you we have no way of following through with great ideas.

You may have a part in: Setting up game nights, holiday events, and other nights for hangouts and outreach. Rearranging the room, setting up supplies, and other various jobs needed for set up and tear down.

Prayer Team

Prayer Team

Prayer Team

You are an impeccable asset to the people of NEXT. We cannot afford to lose our heart. Our substance has always been prayer, scripture, and community. Substance is the foundation we hope to keep building on, and this team is how you can be a part of it.

You will promise to keep the various needs of the people of NEXT and all of our events and classes in your daily prayers. Fun trips, enjoyable environments and great friendships are wonderful, but if we fail to stay connected to Christ, then we have lost ourselves.

You may be asked to pray with people  on occasion, and if someone has a need, they may be directed to you.

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Be About It...

Let's make a difference together.

5801 Summerhill Road, Texarkana, Texas 75503, United States

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Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!

We love to meet new people! 

Nathan Cobb - NEXT Young Adults Leader





Simply text Nate to make an appointment for time in the NEXT room. Most people choose to read, relax, pray, talk, or just take some 

much needed time for themselves.


Let Nate know if you would like to set up a personal appointment with him as well! 

NEXT Leader: Nathan cobb/"Nate"


Nathan Cobb is our young adults/college (NEXT) leader here at Northside church. Before he led the NEXT group he was an attendee of Northside church and a young adult in NEXT. Throughout his time in the ministry he learned from his mentors and leaders, and unbeknownst to him, that grooming was what eventually led to him stepping into the leadership role of NEXT. He loves his community and often says, "It's not about NEXT, it's about people." That is why our slogan is simply "Be about it...", because we want to be about what matters the most. Be about people, about love, joy, prayer, scripture, community, and most of all - Jesus. Nate would love to meet you or simply hear your heart, so come check us out at NEXT. Let's be about it together.

Nate: 903.293.0075